Halloween Crafts

Halloween is almost here! I came up with a few ideas for the kids to take to school and I thought I would share it with you guys.

For their teachers, we decided to visit the Bath and Body Works for pumpkin scented candles. However, we ended up buying a tiny pumpkin scented hand sanitizer and hand soap (I needed  a “neck” to tight my orange and black ribbon on! haha).

For the teachers…

I also made small brooches for the teachers (and my kids) to wear during Halloween week…i made one for me to wear to work too! (I always try to dress for the occasions). Basically i found those badges at the craft store and stuck a pin behind each one.

The brooches…

For their classmates! The school has a strict “no nuts and no sugar” policy so i had to come up with something they can USE rather than eat… all i think about is food! food food food!

so we stuck a googly eye onto a pompom….and a pompom onto a pencil! and we got a “pompom faced one eyed monster pencil!” (that’s what my kids called it…)

Pompom faced one eyed monster pencil…




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