Cookie Monsters

Kids get bored so easily….honestly so do we!

I was searching on Instagram a few weeks backs for anything interesting and found an account called @taste_touch where they sell a box of plain cookies with different icing colors on the side for the kids to decorate their own cookies with.

Decided to give it a try…. my kids and i stayed for over an hour just decorating the cookies …. and then devoured them in less than 5 minutes haha! (sorry if i’m being lame right now…) they tasted good!

I had my camera set up as we were working on the cookies and made a “fast-paced” video to show you guys. okay to be honest i only got to do 2 cookies coz my kids were hogging the rest! they kept stealing them off my plate! COOKIE MONSTERS!!!!!  (next time each one of us is getting their own box!) we obviously have a problem in sharing stuff -__-

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