Arab Sugar Skull

The Day of the Dead.

This Halloween there were Sugar Skulls everywhere! A lot of my friends decided to do the Sugar Skull look.

I wanted to do it too….only i decided to make it a bit “cultural” rather than the classic hair down look. My victim was my daughter hehe.  I made her wear a floral headband and the traditional Arab cover “Abaya” (a black cloak).

There’s a mythical character we refer to in the Middle East حمارة القايلة (humarat algayla) she’s a lady that wears a black cloak who is half donkey and half human. Parents used to scare their kids, that if they go out to play mid afternoon, this “creature” would eat them.

Soooooo….. I decided to turn my daughter into this mythical character but with a sugar skulled face. Tryin’ to mix and match with characters.

It was getting dark outside and I prefer taking photos using natural light… but i made it work with whatever light there was outside (thanks to my reflector)…..but i also had to edit the pictures on Snapseed.




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