An E-Birthday Dinner

My Mom’s birthday is coming up and my Aunt with her daughter decided to invite her, my kids and I out for dinner.

There’s a restaurant I have been hearing about for a while now and alot of my cousins and friends have been to it. Basically, it’s an “e-restaurant” called @eclubq8 located at the a mall called the “e-Mall”. (too many E’s for one sentence!)

The food was good. I liked how there’s a sushi station moving cart. A sushi chef moves around with his own table over next to you and does your sushi. The teppanyaki of sushi making…. no grilling involved though.

HOWEVER! yea there’s a small however that’s written in caps! The thing that drove me a bit NUTS was the lighting. It was too……BLUE! A waiter had a tiny flashlight with him luckily and he would shine it over the food every time i wanted to take photos for the blog hehe!

This restaurant is made for celebrations. There are big screens everywhere! All around you…..even on the table! The table itself is a screen where you order your food from it, play games, and they can customize the screen for you if you’re celebrating someone’s birthday.

When it was time for cake, all the screens flashed and the Happy Birthday song/music started playing loudly. The screens played a slide show of my mom’s baby pictures and a few present ones with a Happy Birthday sign written on them.

I personally liked the whole concept of the place and would recommend it to anyone who hasn’t been there yet. The staff were so helpful and sweet too ♡.

One of the Big panorama screens where they would display a birthday message or picture slideshow
The moving sushi station
Ice cream Alaska cake (took a picture before he torched it)

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