Aerial Love ♡

Spent the afternoon watching my son at the Jumeirah Beach Resort with @flyhighkuwait doing Aerial Yoga.

Aerial Yoga for kids! As soon as i saw their instagram and the swings, i thought it would be fun for my 8 year old to try it out. The trainers were so attentive with the kids and everyone was just having fun. Kids were flipping over the swings doing different yoga positions.

My son is  scared of flipping around above the ground. He’s scared of heights even though the swing was only 50cm above the ground! By the end of the class, my son was becoming a pro at doing the “spider pose”! He “scared” his fears away and was easily flipping around and swinging.

Seeing all this made me book another class for tomorrow. This time, he’s bringing his 5 year old sister along with him. Should be fun!

Unfortunately, i heard that this week is the last week for the classes *sad face* But they will be returning in March with more workshops. For the meantime, do visit their website for any updates.



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