Breakfast at the Gathering Bistro 💞

My family and i enjoy having breakfast. I personally see breakfast as a guilt free meal hehe. Think about it… you eat a good big breakfast and then you have the whole day to burn it off!!

Lately, our favourite place to have breakfast is a restaurant called the Gathering Bistro . They have two locations; one in Kuwait city and one in Abu Halifa (south side seaside of Kuwait). I prefer the one in Abu Halifa at the Sea View. It’s usually quiet and my kids enjoy seeing the sea side.

Another reason we go to the Gathering Bistro is because of the Karak Pancakes! My son is CRAZY about Karak. Karak is a tea drink that has ginger, cardamom, milk, and tea. It is similar to a Masala Chai. Two weeks ago i posted a boomerang video of my son doing the “Karak dance” on my instagram.

I always enjoy sitting in a restaurant where the staff who work there are all attentive and smiling. At the Sea View Gathering Bistro, they were so welcoming and would recommend to us any new dishes 💛. (Rowel is particular!!)

They have indoor and outdoor seating
Iced Karak Tea


Karak Pancakes






Eggs Benedict
Turkey & Avocado
Nutella French Toast! If you guys go and not try this….you go again and try it!!!

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