I wasn’t feeling well yesterday due to the weather changing here in Kuwait. My voice was gone and I needed good food! So mom and I decided to go to OVO !

This time, we wanted to try new dishes. Everything was just sooooo good and yummy!!!!

I did order the Kale Tabouleh of course and Darwin (one of the sweetest and greatest waiters there) was kind enough to make a fresh one for me ❤️ *Thank you so much!*. He also recommended we try their new Pistachio Cake. WOW! I’m a big fan of pistachios so this cake was basically what love looked like if it were served on a  white plate.

For a change, instead of the Skinny Avocado Pizza, I recommend you order the Kale and Pumpkin Pizza. I never thought you can have pumpkin on pizza!

Also, we tried the Sweet and Spicy Tofu dish. I loved the sweetness in the sauce. I would order it again ❤️.

…Oh and guess who ordered the awesome Date Kunafeh again haha!





Freshly made Kale Taboulah




The awesomely delicious Date Kunafeh 


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