Table Otto

Had dinner with my two school besties¬†ūü§ó last Sunday night. We decided to go to¬†Al-Shaheed Park¬†and try the new restaurant everyone was raving about there.

Table Otto¬†is an “American Brasserie”. Even though the weather at night was soooo cold, we still wanted to sit outside. Coz this is Kuwait and we only get winter for a month if not less!!! might as well freeze haha! There were heaters next to the tables though and the place was semi covered in a way that made it cozy.

I wasn’t able to take a proper picture of the Chicken Kiev Burger, and i didn’t try it either, but my friends liked it. However, they said it would be smart not to eat as much before it haha that thing was cheesy! I tried the classic burger…. you can never go wrong with a classic beef burger!

We ordered a beetroot salad. I must say, i’m not a fan of beetroot…. but this salad was AWESOME AMAZING DELICIOUS YUMMY! no seriously!!!! i looooved it!!

To please that sweet tooth i can’t control, we ordered a S’mores chocolate cake topped with roasted hazelnuts and vanilla ice cream. I got a phone call and missed the perfect photo moment! so the picture im posting is one of a melted s’more!…. but it still tasted good!

I loved the ambience and food. Next time I’m trying the Burrata Salad (A friend did recommend it but we didn’t try it).






Sideways S’mores chocolate cake!


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