Three & Barista

I love breakfasts! My Friday morning was spent with the lovely Lady B having breakfast during a winter morning at the largest urban park we have in Kuwait, Al-Shaheed Park. Of course after breakfast we roamed around the park hunting for the perfect spot to do a photoshoot for her outfit ❤️

Three & Barista is an “Artisanal Coffee Bar and Kitchen” restaurant found in the park. There’s indoor and outdoor seating, but we chose to have our breakfast outside….. in the cold weather…. because everything tastes better when your teeth clatter! (haha yea im being sarcastic!)

I forgot the exact names of the dishes we ordered but i will explain them and post the pictures below…

For the main course, we ordered a potato based pizza topped with a fried egg (sunny side up) and a brioche bun with a hashbrown patty topped with caramelized onions (it looked like a burger).

For dessert, we ordered a rose flavoured croissant (oh so amazing! and i plan on trying the lavender one next time!) and the “bubble waffle” topped with delicious smooth milk chocolate (so yummy!)

….yes! i love sweets and i have a wild sweet tooth that i can’t control and don’t plan on controlling!… 😋

Coffee! We both ordered the flat white……TWICE haha because one cup of coffee is never enough!

I loved the place, the service, and the food! but maybe with this weather I’d sit inside next time, unless i go wearing my closet…

Afterwards, I went inside to take a look at the place, it was spacious and i liked the decor overall, especially the caffeine posters they had hung around ☕️



2 thoughts on “Three & Barista

    1. I kinda liked the coffee… but after trying other coffee shops, i agree with u hehe ur the coffee expert afterall 😜 As for their dessert! I loved how soft the bubble waffle was!


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