Le Reve Chocolatier

Recently a chocolatier shop opened in Kuwait City, at the Al-Ghawali Complex. To be honest, i was there for another shop, and i saw a dark window that has just opened up next to it. That’s when mom and i realized this dark window is a display of elegant roses with chocolate packages all set up.

We decided to walk into the dark side… it was a fancy chocolatier shop!

Le Reve Chocolatier was the name of the place. They had different flavors of chocolates which they make. All the chocolates were the same shape but different shades of colors and some were marbled.

Some people do prefer different shapes. However, i believe unified shape is what makes the place so fancy and chic!

The co-partner of the shop was there. He was friendly enough to offer us some chocolates to taste at the time. Turns out they have only opened for a week!

He explained that they offer different sized packages for gifts and you can even bring in your own silverware to have them fill it up with chocolates.

I believe that their prices were very reasonable for what they offer and the pieces of chocolates were “perfectly sized”.

We decided to buy a box with all the flavors they had available.

My favorite flavors were the pistachio, coffee ganache, peanut butter, praline ganache

*Mom loved the cinnamon one too

أنا و أمي كنا رايحين مجمع الغوالي في الديره حق محل. والا نلاقي يمه محل جديد اسمه

Le Reve Chocolatier

وايد حبيت شغلهم و أسعارهم حسيتها مناسبه. لما دخلنا المحل أول مره كان في شاب كويتي (أعتقد انه كان هو مع رفيجه راعين المحل) المهم انه ما قصر و وايد كان خدوم و عرفنا منا ان المحل صار له بس اسبوع من فتح! 😊

عندهم آنواع حلوه و طعم كاكاوهم لذيذ الصراحه و اعجبوني البوكسات الي عندهم حق استقبالات و هدايه. قررنا نشتري بوكس فيه كل أنواع الكاكاوات الي عندهم عشان اجرب و أصور لكم

أكثر نكهات اعجبتني كانوا الفستق، القهوة، الفول السوداني، البرالين قاناش

*أمي حيل اعجبتها الدارسين




براوني Brownie

Praline Ganache برالين

img_7534Red Velvet رد فلفت (يعني ترجمت أنا الحين) ههه

Dark Chocolate Ganache

img_7539Caramel with Chocolate


img_7545Cinnamon Ganache دارسين

img_7546Coffee Ganache

img_7551Peanut Butter فول سوداني

img_7554Sea Salt Caramel with Chocolate

img_7555Hazelnuts Ganache

img_7559Crunchy Hazelnutimg_7560Kinder

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