Until Love….Then it’s just Until

“Art is not what you see but what you make others see”

One of the talented Artists in Kuwait, Ghadah AlKandari has recently set up a display of her art at CAP Kuwait . My partner in crime, LadyB decided that we should go together (did an itsy bitsy tiny ootd shoot there hehe).

So her art was displayed in two seperate galleries. The first one we entered was called “Until Love”

It was so simple yet breathtaking to me. There were Polyhedron structures all colorful and in different sizes scattered everywhere on the floor. She did write a short explanation on the wall when you first go in.

She mentioned that they represented “until a new love came along”. Looking at these polyhedrons around the room….i saw them as her life. Each group of polyhedrons represented a different part of her life and emotions. One of them was hanging on a thread! I thought that was clever! My favorite were the ones bundled up in a corner. I honestly felt emotional when looking at them afterwards (yes im a bit of a drama queen haha). I saw them as two things…. ether peer pressure or they could be a part of her life where she felt like she was trapped in a corner not being able to do anything about “her love”. (ok i got carried away haha!)

oh but the mirrors she had facing each other in the middle of the gallery!!!!! they were her reflections! (well that’s how i saw it as…) I loved the idea. I felt like i was walking into her life.

The second part of her gallery was called “Until” …. just until! It had her paintings hung on the walls. Each painting had a title but of course i was too busy being emotional that i forgot to write down the names of the paintings!

However! one of my favorite ones (they were all awesome tho!) it was the one where they look at each other, they “come together” it was symmetrical showing each side “group” to be equal and in the end, they are together as one.

*Im so sorry Ms Ghadah if my interpretation of your amazing art is way off haha*


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