Binge-ing on TV Shows

I love watching movies….but TV shows are LIFE! 🤓

They keep me company when im sick to my guts and lazy at the gym on the dreadful treadmill. (Yea exercising is fun! *Sarcasm* 😒)

I even watch them when i put my make up on,

and before i sleep (which is soooo wrong and i should stop this habit…but when ur a mother you’d understand that this is the only “me time you have”)

I get alot of comments on how i binge watch several TV shows all at once. My reply usually…..

“I’m a woman, I’m a mother, therefore, I multitask” hehe but also because i get bored 😝

Here’s a list of the TV shows I’m watching currently and can’t wait for the next season (in no particular order):

  1. Game of Thrones (if you don’t watch it, START TO! they shocked my vomit out from the first episode haha)
  2. Jane the Virgin (a lovable character! and if you liked watching Ugly Betty back then, watch this)
  3. How to Get Away With Murder (Viola. Davis. Period!)❤️
  4. The Walking Dead (I sometimes think this will be the future hehe so yea no problem in learning how to fight zombies!)
  5. Scandal (Kerry Washington’s outfits! 😍 and yea the scandals are wild!)
  6. The Crown (it’s a very interesting show to watch especially if you’re a fan of the Queen and history)
  7. Arrow (I love superhero everything from Marvel to DC)
  8. The Flash (did i mention i love superhero everything?)


There were other shows (sitcoms) which i did start watching a while back but have stopped and didn’t go back to….. but will…The New Girl, The Big Bang Theory, and Modern Family.

Please let me know if you have any TV show suggestions for me to watch (movies too)

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