13 Reasons Why…

Hey… It’s Hannah….Hannah Baker……

This show has caused so much drama everywhere! People had mixed feelings towards it. Some saw it as a stupid teenage series and some took it more seriously.

I will make this quick and not spoil the series to you guys. Basically it’s about a teenaged girl who was fed up of her life and decided to commit suicide. She makes cassette tapes with her voice recorded on them giving 13 reasons why she ended her life. (i cried in the end)

I believe that EVERYONE has either been the bully or have been bullied at some point of their life. Bullying isn’t only when someone beats you up or pushes you around.

Aggressive or mean comments on social media is considered bullying. If you don’t have something good to say to a person, don’t say anything at all.

Hannah Baker (the main character) did over react to some things in her life. However, we all must bare in mind that every person is different. I personally might smile at a comment today but might not accept it tomorrow! (yea it’s called hormones but whatever haha)

As a parent, i believe that Hannah Baker’s parents weren’t always there for her and never really cared about certain comments that she made about her school life or life in general. They kept on dealing with problems in THEIR life ignoring their only daughter. Don’t ignore your kids. Don’t ignore any sign or jokes they say or show.

Life can be busy but try not to be too busy to listen to your kids. Ask them about their friends at school. Make sure your reaction towards something they tell you isn’t harsh or aggressive.

My mom used to always tell me that she will always be my best friend and is the only one whom i should trust with my secrets. This is true, a parent would never really want something bad to be said about their kids.

Be strong and face your demons (the haters). Hannah Baker committed suicide to gain attention, but you can choose other ways (nothing regarding death!) to gain attention.

People i know who have been bullied back in high school are now respected by many because of what they have become. It all depends on how you face those bullies. Focus on your life and family. Friends come and go.

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