Pick’s 24 hr Detox Box

Pick is known for it’s frozen yogurts and awesome sauces. They have recently also introduced Vegan alternatives for froyos. (The dark chocolate is to die for!)

A friend of mine told me about a “detox box” that they have where you get to purchase   6 cold pressed juices with two snack cups. Basically this box will be perfect for a 24 hour purifying detox. This is like a “reset” button for your body. Forget your caffeine for a day! JUST A DAY! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

I recommend you buy it the night before and put it in the fridge of course so that the next day it’s there and ready for you to consume.

The box costs 10 KD ($33 aprox.) i believe this is a really got price for what you’re getting! your body is worth it!

I have tried a 3 day detox a while back…..it is not for the weak ill tell you that! My body didn’t react well to it. So this 24 hour detox was actually perfect for me.

If there is no Pick store near you….. and you’re so so so lazy…. You can order it through the Talabat website.


Disclaimer: i am NOT a nutritionist and you must always ask your doctor/GP about undergoing any type of detox or diet before starting. This is about MY experience and what works for me might not work for you (or might be better!).

My detox experience 

I woke up at 10:30 am drank 330ml of water and by 11:00 am i started drinking the Watermelon juice.

This kept me full enough for a good two hours with a few sips of water.

by 1:00 pm i took out the Orange & Carrot juice and started drinking that. Followed that with 330ml of water.

My family had Chinese takeout that day and i was basically watching them while drooling (kept pep talking myself haha) this is when i took out my first snack cup (vegetable rice with a soy sauce dressing). The time was around 2:30 pm. Had 330ml of water.

by around 4:00 pm i started drinking the Apple Juice, Pear, Avocado, Cucumber and Spinach juice. Surprisingly, this actually tasted soooooo good! Drank 330ml of water afterwards.

at 6:30 pm I had to finish a few errands so i grabbed the Strawberry, lemon, filtered water and Stevia juice and ran out of course with a 330ml bottle of water. This juice i felt was too sour but i still managed to drink the whole bottle. (i would recommend you taste it before choosing it as part of your detox drink)

I was back home by 9:00 pm and that’s when i had my 2nd snack (quinoa salad with an olive oil dressing). I was sick of drinking water haha so i grabbed the Ruby Juice (beetroot, apple juice, carrot and ginger). I had them both at the same time because by that hour of the day and after driving around the city finishing errands i was feeling a bit light headed. But of course afterwards i had to drink 330ml of water!

at 11:00 pm I decided to finish off my final detox bottle and that was Emerald (kiwi, kale, apple, lime and ginger).


I am always feeling (and am) bloated! However, by the end of my detox day, i wasn’t bloated at all and felt “clean”.

You should really try the 24 hour box. It’s only for a day! Just make sure it wont be a busy or hectic day. Also make sure the bathroom is available hehe (gotta get rid of those fluids!).

It was the perfect reset button for my body! I’m thinking of doing this detox maybe once a month (at least).

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