A meal I don’t skip…

Breakfast! I used to hate eating breakfast during weekdays. And on weekends, i just want to sleep in! IT’S THE DAY OFF LET ME DROWN MYSELF IN SLEEP!

However, i now worship breakfasts! especially an early morning weekend breakfast with my family.

I have mentioned this before (here) that one of our favorite places to have breakfast at is The Gathering Bistro at the Sea View.

We love the latest “tower” addition to their breakfast menu which comes with a variety of cheeses and hummus dips.



I tried something new today ( other than my usual orders of classic egg Benedict’s). It was the Poach Eggs Bruschetta. It had balsamic vinegar on it which made it soooo tasty!


One of the main reasons my kids enjoy having breakfast at The Gathering Bistro is because of the Karak Pancakes and drink. I realized today that they only serve Karak Pancakes and nothing else (food) with Karak. Soooooo today we decided to try and see if they can try the Karak sauce on their tasty fluffy french toast.


IT WAS DELICIOUUUUUUS! we had to add a bit of the maple syrup just to get the perfect sweetness. But we reaaaally loved it! Maybe they will introduce it as a new dish on the menu… fingers crossed hehe

They were trying out a new iced coffee and were giving the customers small samples to taste. The waiter (Rowel) said it was called “Coffee Snow”.

It was like coffee slush! The taste was perfect and to be honest, I wish they had introduced it earlier in the summer! *sad face*




“ok kids… pretend like you’re about to eat so i can take a picture” 


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