Cocoa Room at the “JACC”

The Cocoa Room was having a soft opening (by invitation only) at the Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Centre . My friend (LadyB_q8) was invited and i was the “plus one” hehe lucky me!

They were introducing the new breakfast menu which I honestly loved more than their old menu! It was different than the other restaurants i have tried (they served us black waffles! i mean come on!!! *they were amazing!*)

The official opening will be on October 17, 2017.

The place (JACC) is amazing and the weather in Kuwait has been getting better. There’s a big “musical” fountain which i bet would look amazing at night as well with the lights. Of course my stylish/gorgeous/fashion blogger friend LadyB_q8 had to have a photoshoot hehe go check out her Instagram and Website for more photoshoots and stuff (yea stuff!).

Fatteh topped with a poached egg
Moroccon mixed chickpeas with meat on a bread with mashed avocado and an omlete (spicy but soooo good)
Cheese and Zaatar Fatayer (i loved how thin it was)
Those Falafel Sandwiches brought back some good memories i realllly loved them!
Black waffles with berries, seeds, maple syrup, chocolate syrup and a scoop of vanilla ice cream (I totally recommend everyone to try it! it was too delicious!)
Brown Waffles with a side of berries topped with loads of chocolate! if you love brownies…and waffles…order this
Dutch Pancake (i have never seen or tasted anything like this i didnt even know there was such a thing! it was really yummy and i loved how crisp the edges were)
3 types of hot chocolates (Madagascar, Indian, Ghana) my favorite was the Ghana then the Madagascar. The Indian one was your normal classic sweet hot chocolate

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