IT Will Make You Float Too…

It’s Halloween! We don’t celebrate Halloween much in Kuwait, however, I love love LOVE dressing up my kids every year.

This year, I only had time to dress up my eldest since we were traveling alot this month.

Please note that he is only 9 years old and he has NOT and WILL NOT watch the movie IT until he reaches the appropriate age! i was freaked out enough.

However, he kept seeing the movie billboards everywhere and was interested in the character and how Pennywise kept saying “you’ll float too”.

I went on Pinterest and saved a picture of Pennywise giving a mischievous stare holding a balloon.

Soooooo….. We decided to make a transformation video of how i turned my 9 year old son into Pennywise! (close enough hehe im no artist)

After that i took him to the grassy area nearby our house to take a few pictures!

ENJOY! and Happy Halloween to those who celebrate!

** you can also view my past Halloween costume posts here and here !!!

He drove me nuts that day haha! He kept making funny face to the camera when i wasn’t looking!


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balloon pennywisepennywise itfloat it penny wiseyou will float too

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