New Recipes at The Recipe

I was invited to taste the new dishes on the lunch/dinner menu for The Recipe . It’s my first time to try the restaurant (not the last!😋).

I did not try all the new dishes (i only have one stomach sorry! haha) however….. i did try the ones that “caught my attention”.

I loved their Tapas and will most likely be going there again just to order all the Tapas!

There were some dishes where they would melt a huge block of cheese and then “slip it” onto your dish in front of you. I was too afraid to order it haha i thought it would be too cheesy! but if you’re a cheesy fan… go for it!

They had four new dessert dishes but I only survived to order one (Crunchy Cheese Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream). I must say, the cheesecake part of it tasted so much better than your average cheesecake. It was “Fluffy” and tasted light.

Also… There was Kofe the espresso bar. So after lunch/dinner you can always get your coffee.

The Tapas

Cigarette Chicken
Taiwanese Taco
Giant Mozzarella
Shrimp Nests

Main Dishes

Fish Burger ( it was huge! i recommend you share it with someone)
Grilled Salmon 


Crunchy Cheese Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream

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