Birthday Breakfast 🎂

April, 13.

Yes my birthday this year was on a Friday 13th….surprisingly enough it went great and I’m grateful for it! 😋

Lady B and I decided to have breakfast that day at CouCou in Kuwait City. they serve breakfast/brunch from 9:00 am to 2:00pm….. after that it becomes a different restaurant! (fancy shmancy stuff 😜).

I loved the graffiti artwork on the walls inside the place.

What we ordered:


Turkish Eggs (they were served on yogurt which is always a good idea when you have chilli oil on top of your eggs hehe)

Breakfast Quesadilla (this was new to me and it was tasty! im so used to chicken/meat/veggie quesadillas i have never thought of having one with scrambled eggs)

Light Menu:

Avocado Toast (no egg) (i appreciate restaurants that arent stingy with the avocado haha so yes thank you CouCou !!)


Roasted Sweet Potatoes (the rosemary flavor was a great tasty touch)


Birthday Cake Pancakes (loooooooved the icing and yes the pancakes were yummy….but the icing was to die for 😍 hehe)

 ابريل ١٣ كان يوم ميلادي و حبيت احتفل مع صاحبتي ليدي بي في مطعم اسمه كوكو

هذا المطعم يفتح من الساعة ٩ صباحا لي الساعة ٢ الظهر

بعدها يقلب المكان الى مطعم ثاني!!! اي مطعم ثاني ههه

انصحكم تجربونه لان صج يسوى ريوق والقعده فيه حلوه بالنهار

الطبق الي صج عجبني و أول مره اجربه كان الكسيديا بالبيض

و طبعا احنا طلبنا البان كيك اسمه بيرث دي كيك

الايسينق الي فوقه حييييل لذيذ  😍



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