The Wyndham Grand Manama

The Wyndham Grand recently opened up in Manama, Bahrain and I was dying to book a stay!

I finally got to book for two nights of modern bliss as a weekend getaway. The hotel was beyond amazing ♥️. I loved how the rooms were so spacious. The view was spectacular! It looked at the Bahrain World Trade Center and basically all of Bahrain!

As a mother, I’m always trying to look for “family friendly” hotels where they would have a kids play area or any kind of family fun activities.

Not only does The Wyndham Grand Hotel  have “Family Rooms”, but they also have a large indoors play area for kids! (there was another room for adults where there was a pool table, table tennis and a foosball table). I was not able to take a picture of the whole play area because there were people around. However, I guarantee that your kids will be enjoying themselves for hours!

I was staying in a deluxe king room. Everything was great about it! (especially the huge mirror where i took most of my selfies in haha). I liked how their shower and bathtub were in “one room” rather than in different places.

Family Rooms!

at the reception i was told that they book you two adjacent rooms which are then closed off by a big door giving them a small “hallway” where you can move around from one room to another without having to parade through the hotel hallways!


I personally think that the hotel is reasonably priced. Clean, modern and excellent service.


Bahrain is a small country which is exactly what i love about it! Everything is nearby and their roads are easy to navigate in. Even though on the map it seems like the Wyndham Grand is secluded, it really isn’t and just under 5 minutes away (by car) is the Avenues Mall.

Everything was great and I really can’t think of something i didn’t like. I do plan on going there again with the whole family and hopefully will try visiting the pool area too (did not have a chance to do so). I also did not try their food there but hotel menus can’t really go wrong can they? hehe

من أول ما فتح فندق ويندم غراند وأنا كنت احلم اسكن فيه

الصور الي شفتهم له كانوا خيال

الحمد لله و اخيرا قدرت اسافر البحرين و حجزت ليلتين في الفندق. الغرفه الي كنت  فيها لشخصين و كانت وااايد واسعه

حسيت ان غرفهم كلها واسعه بالصور و كفايه المنظر أول ما تفتحون الستاره شيء جميل! تشوفون البحرين كلها

انا دائما احاول ادور على فنادق فيها ميزات حلوه و مريحه للعوائل عشان اضمن ان عيالي ما يملون في السفره

الفندق فيه قاعه العاب داخليه وايد اعجبتني ما قدرت اصورها كلها لان كان في ناس موجودين

سألت عن غرف العوائل الي عندهم للمره اليايه لما اسافر مع الأهل

الكل متعود على الفنادق ان تحجز غرفتين و يقطون كل غرفه بعيده عن الثانيه و لازم تتمشون بالممر عشان توصلون الغرفه الثانيه

و في فنادق تخصص شقق فندقيه الي هي عباره عن صاله و غرفتين او ٣

لكن في هذا الفندق، يعطونكم غرفتين جنب بعض في ممر واحد و يتسكر باب كبير على هذا الممر

أنا شخصيا أشوف اسعار الفندق جدا مناسبه لان الخدمه ممتازه و الغرف جدا واسعه و نظيفه



Waking up to this view in the morning ♥️

Toilet Area

IMG_5216They had a microwave and a sink in the room ♥️ as a mother… i had tears of joy haha

IMG_5220a roomy closet

There was a snack buffet for the kids in the kids lounge area


IMG_5316This is what a family room would look like. You get those two rooms and this hallway closed off by a big door.

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