Eggs, Eggs, Eggs!

The Gathering Bistro have introduced a new breakfast menu! So many new options to choose from.

The words “Poached eggs” in a dish description are like music to my ears! I love how The Gathering Bistro always perfects poached eggs to your liking! I like them medium well.

I settled for the following dishes:

1- Falafel Poached Eggs: this dish was my favorite! I loved how they used a falafel patty as a base.

2- Mediterranean Poached Eggs: This was like an “Arabic” bruschetta to me. My favorite part about this dish was the sumac yoghurt sauce….and the eggs haha!

3- Eggs in a jar: Just reading the name off the menu made me want to order this! it tasted better than its name too! This was my second fave after the falafel dish!

4- Simit Eggs: WARNING! eat this dish once its served or the simit will harden as it cools. The Labneh gave it a tangy taste which i enjoyed. I love simit (Turkish bagel) in general so this was a dish i enjoyed.

5- Tiramisu French Toast: It did taste good because the coffee in the “tiramisu” didn’t give it a bitter taste which is perfect. The stuffing was too good that i kept telling myself “ok last bite” … until i basically liked the plate! I generally love their french toast because it’s very fluffy.

6- Creme Brulee Pancake: That crunch though! i don’t know whether to start by expressing my love to the burnt sugar on top or the warm creme stuffing inside the pancake itself! To me, this was a work of art rather than a pancake dish.


hands down… I LOVED the new breakfast menu! The next time I visit for breakfast i plan on ordering the other new dishes. *Stay tuned*

falafel poached eggs
Falafel Poached Eggs
Mediterranean poached eggs
Mediterranean Poached Eggs
eggs in a jar
Eggs in a jar
simit eggs
Simit Eggs
Tiramisu french toast
Tiramisu French Toast
creme brulee pancake
Creme Brulee Pancake


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