Baby Spa!

For the first time in Kuwait!

A Baby Spa!

I decided to spoil my 11 weeks old baby girl today and booked her an appointment at the Baby Spa Kuwait . (click to visit their Instagram)

Did NOT expect my baby girl to have this much fun! She was all smiles and drools while floating with the Bubby around her neck.

Of course, like any overly protective parent would do… before booking an appointment, I did visit their website ( click to visit BabySpa Kuwait) and had a good read about their facility and services. The benefits of Hydrotherapy for infants is never ending.

After floating for 15 min in the pod, I was able to feed her/ burp her and then it was time for her therapy massage! She was cooing and smiling more than usual which really made me happy!

If you have a baby (0-9 months)… I STRONGLY recommend you take them there.

The younger the more beneficial!

Will definitely take my baby girl there again soon 🥰🥰

Walked in carrying my baby in a sling (click to visit Desert Baby Kuwait for the sling) just to make sure she was calm and restful. They provided us with shoe covers for safety reasons (something i admired!). The place was so “transparent” you can say hehe loved the idea of be able to see everything.

A float with a view!

Of course the first thing i asked them as they were putting on the Bubby…. “doesnt this strangle her?!” from far away it looked rigid!! but they made me touch it and it was soft… they even explained to me that the Bubby is built in a way where it has a place for the chin and chubby cheeks 😝

After they took the Bubby off, they let her float a bit (with support) in the pod. Then it was time for her massage 🥰

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