New Breakfast Menu at The Gathering Bistro!

The Gathering Bistro has a new breakfast menu…

When I first read the menu I had mixed thoughts about the ingredients to some of the dishes… but they turned out to be DELICIOUS!

My favorite dish was the “Honey Scrambled Eggs”! the sweetness was subtle (not overly sweet!) which was perfect. Another dish I enjoyed was “Egg Tortilla Cones”…. if you like turkey bacon like i do… you must try this.

From the sweet dishes… the “Kunafa Pancake” was yummy! But I’m warning you… it is huge! haha!

The other dishes were also tasty but those two really stood out for me! I also liked how they changed the concept of a “shakshuka” into sliders!

Honey Scrambled Eggs
Egg Tortilla Cones
Shakshuka breakfast sliders
Egg & Chicken Sandwich
Kunafa Pancake
Parmesan French Toast

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